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 *According to ESOMAR code of conduct ,both client and respondents have the right to
 remain anonymous to each other , unless it is agreed in advance.
* Respondents refusing to participate without knowing the commissioning party are rejected.
* The design of the questionnaire should try to protect the clients identity . However , this does not
 preclude respondents guessing from who the client is .
*The material of the research must be returned back to office at the end of the project.
* Only the senior staffs have the right to know the clients name , it is not allowed to the
 juniors or the free lancers to know it.


Ahmed Morsi:  Managing Director, Partner
He was a Country Field Manager for Saudi Arabia and Yemen in TNS (NFO) for 4 years, 
Previously, he was a country field manager in Synovate for 7 years and Field manager 
for 6 years in Savola KSA.
Saleh Al-Yafie:  Managing Director, Partner Carrying a Saudi Nationality.
He was a head of  Qualitative Department For Saudi Arabia and Yemen in TNS (NFO) 
for 13 Years.
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