Field Work Quality Control

  • Field Work Quality Control
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Every interviewer receives a personal briefing before each study  capitalized on extensive ongoing training:


·        Pre-test to 'evaluate' the interviewer

·        Interviewer hotline is provided for interviewers at all times for queries

·        Intensive briefing of interviewers by project manager and customer before each project.

·        Independent monitoring department

·        Quality control of surveys by specially trained moderators for completeness, handling of the survey materials, technical accuracy and plausibility.

·        Quota monitoring by the project manager

       Monitoring of the interviewers: Telephone and written monitoring of a randomly selected 

group of people surveyed (usually 30% of the overall control sample).

·        Our Deliverables

·        Audio/Video CDs

·        Transcripts or content analysis

·        Data in ACSII or Microsoft Excel



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