Quality Control Qualitative

Quality Control Qualitative
All recruitment forms should be handed over to the office to be checked 
at least 24 hours before the GP
 All respondents must be matching the required criteria defined by the client
  No relatives or close friends should be recruited to attend the GP
  All respondents should not be known to each other
 Respondents should be informed about the actual length of the Dg so they do not leave in the middle of the session
 Respondents should come to the venue 10 to 15 min before the start of the group so they can be re screened and be welcomed before the start
  No respondent should attend a Group again within 6 months
  3 recruiters at least should work on each group for recruiting
  Full group should have 6 to 8 respondents
 In instances where a particular interviewer’s selection of respondents or quality of interviewing appears dubious, all of that interviewer’s work is examined. If it is established that the interviewer’s work is poor, his/her entire assignment is rejected and replaced

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