Spectrum Objectives

Spectrum Objectives

Our key of strengths:
  Superior insight into local cultures 
  A fully transparent approach with clients 
  Competitive pricing and optimal timing
 Our success is visible in the numerous clients who come back to us with repeat business

  To enable our clients to grow by helping them to make informed business decisions
  We adhere to these principles even today and ensure a fully transparent and flexible                        approach towards our clients.


First Field Agency In KSA, to help clients achieve their goal of getting accurate data and capturing reliably, the attitudes & behavior of consumers, so as to fine-tune their marketing plans based on correct consumer insight.

 Established in 2009 by a group of experienced people in Market Research.
 Spectrum is Field Service has extensive experience conducting and offers a complete Fieldwork ,we have Capability of Handling all Qualitative & Quantitative Research Studies across the entire: 
 Saudi Arabia (Metropolises / Provincials)
 Gulf Countries (UEA / Kuwait / Oman / Qatar / Bahrain /Yemen)
 North Africa (Egypt / Sudan / Libya / Tunisia / Algeria / Morocco)
 Levant Countries (Lebanon / Syria / Jordan / Palestine and Turkey)
 We have a very powerful and honest field network which has a mix of very experienced field managers,  Supervisors, interviewers, moderators, recruiters, editors, data entry
Operators, Coders, their experience vary between 1 to 10 years and we have a policy to train fresh staff to have a new blood always
 We have a classified field force to meet all types of market research studies.
 We have our teams in each of the selected locations 

Ahmed Morsi:  Managing Director, Partner
He was a Country Field Manager for Saudi Arabia and Yemen in TNS (NFO) for 4 years, 
Previously, he was a country field manager in Synovate for 7 years and Field manager 
for 6 years in Savola KSA.

Saleh Al-Yafie:  Managing Director, Partner
Carrying a Saudi Nationality.
He was a head of  Qualitative Department For Saudi Arabia and Yemen in TNS (NFO) 
for 13 Years.
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